Tap into your Will!

Your Will

Your Choice

Your Story

Like trees and nature, we as humans can recreate ourselves. Today I am happy to share with you the power of willingness to make a change.

Will power is necessary to overcome anything, but most importantly, it is a requirement to hone in on the vision in mind, and fulfill your destiny.

With will power, perseverance and self-reliance anything you imagine can become possible.

Seeking mentorship to help guide you and formulate your vision into action steps assists in bringing your vision to reality.

That is what has gotten me thus far and now, I am happy to share my vision with you.

COLLABORATION makes dreams come true. Building teams to collaborate. Let’s run, create and bring others together to enjoy life!

3200 Club

Our 3200 Club is a group on Facebook helping others learn the benefits of getting outdoors, running free, playing and appreciating Mother Nature. Our goal is to run 3200 miles, raise funds for charity through CharityMiles, and marketing our selves, our personal brands and the things that matter most to us while we run. Together we can inspire others to live their dreams of fitness, healthy, creative lifestyles. Our team is introduced to TOTAL LIFE CHANGES. More on that when you visit the Facebook Group or call/text TLC to 206-880-3178. Cheers!

bacific treedom

With a wide range of musical influences, mostly centered around a mix of alternative rock, pop and funky reggae-esque blends with some blues and some soul mixed in. Seeking to collaborate with others.

Ask me about the BeeLine HempWick. Leave the butane to burn while lighting this beeswax hemp wick and inhale natural, smoothness, rather than butane fuel and vapors.


creating tshirts and marketing apparel for our projects here as well as small business and your own projects.


Our community of friends, family and others assisting with the planning, organizing and fulfilling of projects for live events, as well as collaborating with artisans of many styles. From weavers to glass blowers to woodworkers and blanket makers. Artisans make the world go ‘round and together we are on every continent.

Lifted & Gifted

Our podcast coming to the airwaves in 2020, focused on nature, sports, good times, adventures and cannabis. Always supporting our cannabis community and creative souls. Looking to interview others in many different facets of life. We’d love to interview you and invite you to join the podcast crew. Details coming.

Seeking ways you can help your community while earning income? Here are a number of opportunities which may be available to your area.

Schedule a call about any of the opportunities below.

TEAMING UP WITH ONPASSIVE to bring these services and products to the world.

EcoSense all natural cleaning products for the home.

SeiBella personal care, health and wellness products.

Oligo nutritional products for weight and metabolism control, glucose control and other dietary needs.

Join as a GoFounder of ONPASSIVE, a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a business opportunity set to change the way business practices are completed. With 100% AI technology at the helm, ONPASSIVE is the worldwide leader in this fascinating segment of business.

Welcome to the future.

Once registered with ONPASSIVE for just $97 inquire how to join one of a series of opportunities within your goals. Or join and market them all! There is no limit with ONPASSIVE.