Will is a creator, connector, collaborator and one soulful spirit artist from the gifts of nature and the imagination.

The mission is to assist others with finding viable options to earn an income online. Since 2015, Will has explored a plethora of options.

Then, 2020 kicked things into high gear, as the world continued to reach out seeking assistance in a similar manner.

The time had come to share the best of the best opportunities to help those who are able to connect to the internet in hopes they can bring the benefits thereof to their households and communities.

The Wellness Company offers an incredible Shopping Club.

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Will earns an income from the opportunities listed, in many manners, including referrals, proceeds from purchases and affiliate marketing. Portions of the proceeds fund Kiva.org projects around world.
For more information and to get involved, text your name and your question to 206-880-3178. Thanks 🙏