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Once you have $100+ USD on a Visa or MasterCard, more doors open to you. Here’s how I’ve chosen to invest and while I am not a financial advisor or tax attorney, my life experience, contacts and journey has lead me to these opportunities beneficial to one and all online.

ONPASSIVE: A unique business opportunity for anyone. Our 100% AI Platform is a business model unlike any other in history. Over 50 products and services which interact with one another. Over 780,000 GoFounders around the world have joined us in this incredible vessel sailing the ocean of dreams. There has never been an opportunity like this! Just $102 on a Visa/MasterCard will get you on board as a GoFounder as well.


WeFunder.com is a platform to invest in startups in various industries. This is next level open to anyone with as little as $100 to start. What once was only open to accredited investors is now available for anyone to get in on startups of many different businesses. Enjoy this ride!

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Help startups, small businesses and communities in rural Africa with Kiva.org with micro lending. Families and generations are learning more and more as the internet is introduced around the world. Together we can climb the mountain to the top!

Another great way to live in abundance beyond earning, saving, investing and helping others live their dream, is to also find the best ways to help the best of the best organizations doing the same.

GIVE.org is an organization disclosing the details of how organizations use the resources provided them so as to align with our initiatives. Search this site before you make your next donation to any .org to find if they’re legitimate and truly giving the funds and resources to fulfill their missions. Together we can help one another, it’s just easier with trust like this.

Many blessings and good tidings to you and yours. May you find all you seek and dare to perform as your spirit guides you. Cheers!

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