From the start…

West Seattle has my heart full of gratitude. Having moved from the city of the birthplace of our nation, it has been quite a journey looking back the last 39+ years…. may this blog represent my token of my gratitude for West Seattle.

Mount Rainier

Would like to chat with you about what opportunities and solutions you offer for those with dreams of designing a world class website developing focused around a network of artists, especially those with an active lifestyle. Fitness, health and wealth minded people looking for pure, diverse growth economic opportunities available globally online.

We can teach others as we learn from one another and others. This is the purpose of this blog and my dream.

Learning the history of the formation of Seattle has been incredible. Enjoying my days exploring the parks and the wildlife all around our quaint community in West Seattle. Schmitz Preserve Park is my natural home away from my residency. A wonderful trek back in time through an old growth forest vitality for over 100 years (since before 1919 as we can trace) it’s an honor spending time as often as possible with the legends of the forest. Some of the trails within Schmitz Park were laid by indigenous communities long before Seattle began to level the rocky hills surrounding it.

The mainland work on the rocky hills eventually filled and leveled off Elliot Bay where much of SoDo, Georgetown, Harbor Island and the King County International Airport is today. Nearly everything west of the I-5 was once Elliot Bay. West Seattle on the other hand, has been far more preserved and though development continues, as community structures grow taller, the nature surrounding us here is magnificent and abundant with the beauty of Schmitz Preserve Park and Lincoln Park as well as many smaller parks.

At the time of this writing, I am looking forward to helping others share their story online and learn how we can grow prosperously together. Though currently I exist further from my blood relative family, I consider West Seattle my family and my home now. I take with me many cherished family memories and stories of old. Seeing with amazement what doors the internet opens and the freedom to express my dream here keeps me focused on what we do together.

Moving to Seattle is a dream come true. A place where I can feel like myself and be true. No longer asking the past for guidance, as it’s lessons are engrained deep within. Seeking only a form of guidance from those who are daring to live life differently online. As I begin this journey as a blogger from the perspectives seen here in West Seattle, I am doing my best to talk about my life and having a true soul purpose to share my love with those in person.

As you’ll come to read, as this blog continues to grow, there are only three ways to look at life. Understand the past. Live in the present. Imagine the future.

Planning ahead is vital to any form of success in life. And so today marks the day that I woke up, and asked myself, “What would I have done twenty years ago if I knew I could start today?” Yes, this…

While this is simply a humble beginning. Learning daily and applying what I learn here in little snippets and posts as I go about my day.

Published by Will Got It Here

A dude with a dream living in West Seattle.

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