An Afternoon at Hiawatha

August 8, 2020

This afternoon I enjoyed the company of a friend, playing tennis at Hiawatha Playfield. It took some time warming up; it was my first time in nearly 15 years with a tennis racket in hand. The sun was shining bright with just a few passing clouds for most of the match. 

Though we didn’t keep score, we were able to volley longer as we went along. Losing the ball beyond the fence line a handful of times was the most exercise, but according to Fitbit, I covered about 2 miles. No idea if that’s accurate for a sixty minute tennis practice, when at least 20 minutes were spent doing things other than the tennis volley, like chasing the ball around the court. If we were playing basketball nothing but net would’ve been heard at least a dozen times apiece. Personally, tennis is a fulfilling experience to do something different with my energy.

Most of my exercise comes from my walks around “the isle”, as it is now affectionately known, due to the West Seattle Bridge Closure to personal vehicles. Only first responders and public works and transit vehicles are the only motor vehicles permitted on the lower bridge. However, pedestrians and bicyclists can ride the trail alongside it to or from work downtown. I have enjoyed a number of excursions across this lower bridge going back as far as 2018, when I first made a trip out here to visit. 

Since moving to West Seattle in August 2019, I’ve had the pleasure of greeting many smiling faces and those who weren’t so, I opened up and said hello. Understanding some people have no reason to smile and some cultures see it as something else, my smile is intended to warm a heart. My “hello” is intended to share a moment in the present with another. It feels good to know others see ourselves in this same manner.

Thank you for those who understand.

Published by Will Got It Here

A dude with a dream living in West Seattle.

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