Labor Day 2020

Quite different than any day previously. Spent a good bit of time redesigning a strategizing the future of this domain. Focusing more time on what can be done now to prepare better for tomorrow and create the future with hope for a brighter day ahead. West Seattle is the happiest place I’ve ever lived, and every day brings new meaning, new wonders and further exploration. Thank you to those who understand me more than before.

This has been a journey, and I like to term this chapter of my life a transition into life online in a multitude of facets. Unlike every day before, my days are organized by priority, project, activity, with time to reflect, relax and enjoy with Mother Nature throughout the day.

My purpose is genuine and my focus is on the bright light of truth preparing to reveal as I learn what I can here. PYTHON3 is my next coding experience. Before now, I only knew what little html and css I knew from 1998-99… and a little more html 03-05. This, this… this. is different.

Working on a handwritten scripted form of displaying our lovely little corner of this planet on our “island” in West Seattle.

Published by Will Got It Here

A dude with a dream living in West Seattle.

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