Safeway Chicken Grease Cleanup Experience

This morning took a trip to the local Safeway store for some common weekly reups… milk, jam, and roasted chicken. That’s where the story begins.

Though I could start it off with the search for the non-existent safety pin for my jeans. Interesting how “safety first” rang out clear this morning.

Three items, no cart or basket. I walk to the self checkout. Ring up the milk and jam, then when placing the chicken in the bag I did not keep it level. Not realizing I was dripping chicken grease on the walk on over to the customer service counter for a roll of quarters.

Turned around to leave and saw an employee wiping down the self checkout area, thinking it was protocol. Then I saw she had towels laying in the floor as she pointed out, with a kind hearted smile, “I wondered where the puddle was coming from.” As I gasped and sat the bag up level, she helped me place another bag around it. I thanked her for her help, grabbed a few towels and went to work cleaning up the floor.

Having worked in kitchens, retirement homes and other lamented floors, I am aware slip and trip risks and make certain in every work environment there is a clean walking path. This was just a happenstance, a learning lesson. Sure, common sense shall prevail next time. Maybe ask for a box from the deli. 🧐

Thank you to those who work at Safeway for the kind interactions and upbeat, happy environment. Now I feel more like part of the family, having contributed to and cleaned up something one for all, all for one. You’re appreciated.

Published by Will Got It Here

A dude with a dream living in West Seattle.

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