Life and changes

As with every passing moment, things change. That is what life is made of. Changes.

June 2017 I chose to find a place I could become the best version of myself. As an artist, photographer, communicator, and collaborator. It took time to understand the scope of the nation at that point and see the opportunities the internet created.

By June 2019 I decided to make to the move to Seattle, Washington. Thankfully, a friend of the music industry was already residing and welcomed me to join her. Fast forward one year, with many other changes, including a global pandemic impacting every human life, she has chosen to return to Philadelphia.

So here I am, living in glorious West Seattle in a nice apartment complex, with peaceful, friendly neighbors, by myself, once again. Not the first time, though companionship is what I seek.

Therefore, those of you who have inquired of my lifestyle here, I open the door a little wider if you’d like to join me. Seeking a roommate locally is my goal. Someone who would like to move closer to work or collaborate on any project with the housemate.

In the meantime, I’m on the job hunt. As much as I have dedicated 3-4 hours a day to find work in the fields of interest to me, which along with my values, mission and career goals, it appears I need to broaden my search and really take on anything that is available locally offering full time. Funny, however, as I see that is not so easy to search online.

Had me thinking of Google Maps with instead of places of interest, one may find places seeking full time, part time, contracted and seasonal work.

Certainly will keep you updated as the changes come about, as things are bound to change with this blog.

So how do you go about finding your next roommate? How do you job search? Where you do turn when seeking assistance in these areas?

All questions I ask myself daily. Seeking perspective from you.

Thank you.

Published by Will Got It Here

A dude with a dream living in West Seattle.

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