My Goal with this site

As I continue to learn about the ways many entrepreneurs have made an income or multiple for that matter, while developing their game plan for their website, there are many ideas and examples out there.

My goals with my website here are simple. is my story, and I am willing to share more than just my story. I am willing to share my journey, as I continue to learn more and embrace more so I can bring new opportunities to others.

As I continue to scan the web for the best money making examples, I will be introducing the ones that have worked for me before and can again right here on this site.

It started for me back in 1997, when the bulletin board systems and AOL were the only ways to access the web. Neither paid. Both were free services, though you paid with your phone line… remember the sound of the modem connecting to the internet? was the start of earning an income online for me. Then there was both offered paychecks to those who used their sites to interact and do things. As I can only speak from previous experience, I can not confirm either of these two to be full time income sources, but in retrospection, they served as a stepping stone in the right direction at the time.

For instance, on you could search the web and get a credit for your searches, you could complete surveys, play games and do other tasks that generated other websites income while being credited for your interaction and activity. As far as I know, you can register for and do the same on today. Personally, I haven’t used the site in about eleven years. was different, and frankly… here’s why:

I’ll let Josh Lowensohn explain..

MySpace became the site where everyone loved everything and everyone. We shared our music, blog posts, and everything about our lives and what we enjoyed. We encouraged everyone to love and learn and laugh and have fun creating things together every day. Then, along came Facebook. In 2003, when my cousin, a student in college at the time, introduced me to what Facebook was, I immediately registered. You needed a .edu back then just to register and log in.

Today, Facebook generates massive income, but also is one of the most expensive social networks in the world in terms of their operational expenses. They introduced the world to Instagram to help stabilize their portfolio and eventually their own payment and as structure platform which allowed them to have more fluidity.

Twitter on the other hand is deeper below their even surface, continuously adjusting and introducing new features to break even. Not the only reason Jack Dorsey went on to start Square and Cash App and now has invested $50 Billion in Bitcoin. A conversation for later.

LinkedIn came around about the same time as I was getting familiar with Facebook, though loving my time on MySpace connecting with so many people. Twitter was different in 2009 when I joined. I felt like I could pick up a megaphone and announce to the world I was eating a pbnj for lunch that day.

Now this website is becoming more of what I am doing within the day, aside from my time on the clock elsewhere, I enjoy sharing my life story here as I continue my escapades in nature.

While I love to share my life on social media, I do my best work creatively and collaboratively. Which is why I created this site to introduce a few of my projects to you as well as introduce some opportunities you may be interested in.

As the look, flow and feel of this site continues to evolve, as we all do, my hope is to share with you how I managed to go from less than broke with just a smartphone to someone who could inspire many more to focus beyond their limitations and strive for their goals, dreams and wishes. By reading this, I welcome you to my journey as I will continue to look out for the best opportunities for every individual, family, community, or organization to find their financial peace and prosperity.

There are many things in life which raise us up and bring us down. As long as we may remain level and understanding, we can work together to get things done which can help many others. So, let me ask you. What is your next project? What is the next thing you are doing to help someone else?

I created this website, spend time cleaning local parks of unnatural debris, connect with others on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a new business social site.. Shapr! Connecting with others is what keeps going, helps us to continue to move forward and allows us to create a better tomorrow, together.

Published by Will Got It Here

A dude with a dream living in West Seattle.

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