In February, we weren’t so sure we would see a World Series this year. The world began to change. In more ways than one, people across the world have adjusted to life under a new design.

Major League Baseball has been changed, likely forever, with many adjustments coming forth. We’ll learn come December what is to come with the 2021 season, but until then… we have one more series to focus on this year. The World Series.

The Dodgers went wire to wire to win the NL West and the Rays turned one of the best young teams into one of the strongest teams this postseason.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see this World Series go all seven games as well.

Game One: Rays 3 Dodgers 8 F

Game Two: Rays 6 Dodgers 4 F

Game Three: Dodgers @ Rays

Game Four: Dodgers @ Rays

Game Five: Dodgers @ Rays

Game Six: Rays @ Dodgers *if nec.

Game Seven: Rays @ Dodgers *if nec.

Published by Will Got It Here

A dude with a dream living in West Seattle.

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