GoFounders of ONPASSIVE are in 212 nations currently we have over 730,000 and we gain another just like you every 2-3 seconds throughout the day.

What is a GoFounder?

A GoFounder is one of integrity, discipline and understanding. We each have a journey in life no matter what our word, creed, focus, background, ethnicity or starting point. Life from birth to final days is a continuous learning experience. As GoFounders we are on the wave of the next phase of the internet.

We are the starting family of ONPASSIVE. Imagine Steve Jobs and Bill Gates joined you at Starbucks this morning or Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk sat down at your kitchen table. All they asked is that you share the abundance coming your way with this incredible system. The difference.. ONPASSIVE will PAY YOU from day one to do everything you already do online.

A completely 100% AI platform designed to pay out commissions from our uniquely designed services and products. Much bigger, better and smarter than anything else presently available online.

Video explaining more of what ONPASSIVE is designed to do.


Check out our Fireside Chats


GoFounders are the first line of folks around the world building the community and their teams as the founders of ONPASSIVE. The best part.. as a GoFounder you have a choice to build your team as you learn more or just sit back and enjoy the journey. Our webinars are amazing! You can find more on YouTube by searching ONPASSIVE.

Join us as GoFounders Today!

Someone you know even if they don’t enjoy network marketing or digital marketing, will use a product or service from ONPASSIVE and as a GoFounder will have a unique opportunity to purchase a plan as a reseller or customer upon launch.

Learn more about what ONPASSIVE can do for your business. Even if you don’t have a business, this system can benefit you and share this with your friends.

Pay the $102 to start as a GoFounder and a minimal $150-$500 (price and categories not yet determined) upon launch. We are presently heading into beta launch, where we’ll be the first to test the system.

The $102 is the $97 + $5 service fee for the insurance plan with VISA/MC the only guaranteed payment method. We also have Cash App and Bitcoin and other forms of payment but because they have multiple channels, they are not as quick or accurate and certainly not insured.

We’re growing exponentially at this point and bringing this opportunity to others around the world. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about how you can stack up well in the future with this incredible unprecedented system of AI technology changing the way business will operate.

Business owner? Look over your ledger. Imagine all the different platforms and business services you have to pay for now. Now.. imagine the all paying you on top of the income generated from your products and services simply because you chose this opportunity as a GoFounder.

Get this… the $97 Founder Position is valued at $997 and once the GoFounders position opportunities end, the price for the public will be well over that amount to join our system and use our products.

Now is the time to act, as this platform, when it launches, could cost upwards of $1599/mo! Uh-huh.. no joke! Just $97 gets you in as a GoFounder and another fee as described by Ash will be $250-$500 to receive and market the system 100% AI style! Ooooooooh Yeeeeeaaaa! We already have been certified, legally compliant and registered as a business in 212 nations. We have physical buildings and true new tech products.

This is a true business from the mind of Ash Mufareh, our ONPASSIVE CEO. We are a US Based Company headquartered in Orlando, Fl with technological offices in Hyderabad, India, the Silicon Valley of India. Notably home to some of the worlds greatest technological minds are building this system for our success!


Your own email, calendar, contact manager, video conferencing, and every other tool your online business needs.. all built for you by AI! Designed to pay you for what you already do on the internet. Some businesses already pay thousands each month to conduct their business online. ONPASSIVE is All AI – all built for us to succeed!


That’s right, your $97 ($105 debit/credit card) secures your position as a GoFounder.

By getting in early and helping to market this system, you’ll be on the inside track to earn more than what will cover your costs within the system once its released.

The more you share the system, the easier it will be for you to break even sooner than the pack and begin turning a profit within our system.

You could however just pay the $97 and sit back and do nothing and likely turn a profit in a years time, perhaps sooner.

No other business has been structured as a global opportunity with the ground work of each product and service completely organic, machine learning, automated intelligence. Just us now; there may never be another unicorn like this to lead your way forward to a firm and stable financial future.

Imagine if you were in on the beginning of Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Zoom… we are all that and more. With ONPASSIVE you’ll have your own of each, in your own name, secured with AI and blockchain technology.

Ash Mufareh, Jeffrey Morlock and Alan Cozens are the ones who invited me along in this journey and it is my honor to bring this opportunity your way.

This is an opportunity for any business, any entrepreneur, any network or affiliate marketer. Any family… Worldwide!

For real.. any human in existence from birth through their retirement will succeed with ONPASSIVE.

ONPASSIVE is set to AI
and all this in one platform.


Limited time opportunity. $97!

Best part? No heavy lifting, expensive equipment or multitude of books and lectures.. simply a conversation learning about ONPASSIVE every day of the week through Zoom conferences and YouTube videos. How often does the CEO of your company come on live to your Zoom conferences and check with you to see how you’re doing with your team? Ash is a unique character with a genuine heart for humanity.

GoFounders is a unique limited opportunity for those seeking simplified business solutions in one easy to setup and monitor 100% AI platform anyone can run from their smartphone.

GoFounder is presently in pre-launch phase of our platform, ONPASSIVE.

Join as a GoFounder for just $97 today and learn more about what ONPASSIVE can do for your business. We’re growing exponentially!

Will thanks you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with this incredible opportunity. Rare, limited offer, and the window is closing before our beta is released and the GoFounders opportunity closes for good. Hopefully you’ll consider the opportunity of a lifetime and learn more from Ash Mufareh and others.

***This offer is to become a part of a team to grow residual income for yourself and Will. All costs have been outlined. Will is not a lawyer, he is not an accountant, he is not a tax advisor, he is merely a man doing his part to help others online. He understands this choice belongs to you and has no intention of pressuring you to join; simply showing you his heart for humanity and sharing this incredible gift with you, your family and community***

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