A fictional story, though relative to many walks of life. Some drama, some horror, some comedy. A blend of influences and a storyline unlike any other.

Let’s take a walk into The Orange Arrow Bar; meet STAR, she is the queen behind the bar. The boss of the place, ask anyone, though we don’t know much about her.

ROSCOE just shares his story with us, has a buddy or two drop in from time to time as he lights a candle and enjoys a drink after work. Even a faithful man like ROSCOE knows not everything in life is held by chance, but life is full of stories.

Created and Written by A.W. McWilliams

Set in Seattle, Washington

A historic bar, closed for decades becomes a treasure chest of tales and adventures.

Interested in learning more? Email WillGotItHere@gmail.com Subject: ORANGE

Thank you for the love. 🙏❤️‍🔥👍

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