Living the Dream on the path to Prosperity.

It wasn’t long ago I found myself lost, unwilling to do anything, living out of a car with nothing in my pockets. Took a walk to a library and chatted with the librarian.

That day my life changed. Found a little light within and have kept it burning ever since. Just a few months later rekindled relationships with some old friends who believed there was something within in me worthwhile.

As one who spent many days playing music, spending time in nature but with no real aspirations, goals or dreams, it took some deep diving, some meditation, and some due diligence to find the torch to light my way forward.

With all that and many dark days behind me, happily chasing the dream I’ve carved out for myself. Working sports events, concerts, and comedy shows as well as creating new music and with an open mind, learning the ways of full time work and the benefits of hard physical labor.

Figured at 40 if I were to really get my life together, I’d need a drastic change. Do something I’d never done before. Leave those who left me and start fresh. Forgiving those who’ve crossed me, those who owe me and those who otherwise never really cared, I’ve found the true light within to do what is best in my heart and my mind.

Focused on public service in a few different ways. Picking and Shipping supplies and tools in the granite and stone industry has opened my eyes to what can be. Continually learning new things, asking the right people the right questions and moving forward daily. Also working the Seattle Mariners MLB team security and the inaugural Seattle Kraken NHL team security has me focused like never before to get my ass out of debt and build the foundation of my dreams to help kids learn proper economic practices, eliminate debt and build true wealth.

As one who came from humble beginnings with far too many credit cards at the age of 18, my hope is to help those who otherwise don’t have parents or guidance in financial matters to see there is always a better way to acquire what you really want out of life. Put in the work, manage your pennies and build something you can stand on and fall back on should things get rough.

Always had music to fall back on in my life, though it’s not so easy to start fresh time and time again, it’s worth the challenge.

Other than that, anyone with just about any common sense can wash dishes and handle mopping floors. I’ve done this plenty of times in my 25+ working years. Happy now to have found opportunities which help me do more with less while building muscular strength and a strong foundation for my future. Always one to seek out viable and beneficial opportunities to develop the community at large as well.

Happily associated with many good people via social media who all have offered incredible opportunities for sales and marketing as well as investment options. Just be careful. Do your research and due diligence before agreeing to anything online, especially. Associate with those you trust and hold them in your tight circle to keep you focused on what can be.

Ask friends and family how they’ve handled life’s challenges and curveballs. Some may be more helpful than others. Everyone has their own storyline in life. Be yourself. Not everyone will like you, but those who trust you will love you forever for what you do for them.

Zig Ziglar often comes to mind when he spoke shortly before his passing at a major marketers networking event I attended while living in Philadelphia.

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Teamwork is a great concept and with any good idea, building a quality team is essential to its success. By helping others and leading your team forward, you’ll accomplish much more together than ever could by yourself. Surround yourself with loyal and trustworthy people who cherish your vision, work ethic and passion.

There are many great books out there that can you with where you’re going in life. Just a few I’ve read since meeting that librarian.

“You Were Born Rich.” – Bob Proctor

“No Stopping You.” – Roger Flax

“Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill

“The Magic of Thinking Big” – David Schwartz

“The Compound Effect” – Darren Hardy

These are just a small sample. But some of the best content and concepts appear in these books.

“Crush it” by Gary Vaynerchuk

“Talking to Strangers” by Malcolm Gladwell

“Born to Win” by Zig and Tom Ziglar

These really set you in place for success going forward with life.

Feel free to email – happy to discuss anything you’d like.

For now, as of December 22, 2021 I hold about 20,000 in debt. Not bad, all things considered. Lots of work and sacrifice over the last eleven years has dropped that number significantly. Since moving to Seattle with a heart filled with philanthropic efforts, I’ve experienced the pandemic which changed many lives, mine included as it has been a tough three years without a full time gig. Thankful to be healthy through it all.

In that time, eliminated the term job from my vocabulary, as you’ll learn from Bob Proctor, it means “just over broke”. This is why I’m dedicated to serving the public as well as creating new music and screenplays every few months or so.

Life is an endless adventure, a journey of ups and downs. Hills, Valleys, Mountains and flat plains to travel upon. With stamina and endurance, you can get through anything life throws at you. It’s all in your power of will. Know what you want out of life and go for it with all you’ve got!

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