Will is a creator, connector, collaborator and one soulful spirit artist from the gifts of nature and the imagination.

Since 2015, Will has explored a plethora of options and ways to build a team to earn a living while contributing to projects and creating original content.

Now he’s created his own projects and has aligned with quality teams of products and services with business models which agree with his morals, values and ethics.

The Wellness Company offers an incredible Shopping Club unlike any other.

Our EcoSense organic cleaning products are safer to breathe, kinder and gentler to the hands and eyes and do a more thorough job the first time around.

Our SeiBella line of personal care and cosmetics products lead the industry in all natural beauty products and our shopping club and the value is unmatched.


Call Will at 206-880-3178 today to learn more and begin saving money, your eyes and lungs, as well as earn a little income by referring family, friends and neighbors.

Enjoy fitness, exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle? Have a few friends who enjoy spending time with you and doing what you do together? Let’s build a team of happy people encouraging others to run, play and enjoy life!

Total Life Changes is a MLM team based route to success! Since 1999 TLC has been a leader in the space and are as of 2020, now releasing an all new line of CBD products.

Become a preferred customer today.
Text TLC to 206-880-3178

bacific treedom is Will and Char, his guitar. Seeking to collaborate with other musicians locally here in Seattle as well as others online and worldwide. Let’s chat about music, and see where our rhythms and rhymes meet up.

Text bt to 206-880-3178

GR8FULHEMPNEST is the community of music and cannabis friends Will has come to know around the nation and the world. Together we encourage one another to follow our dreams with our vision aligned to serve Mother Nature and assist humanity.

Our creativity can lead others towards embracing their gifts and expressing themselves by developing a harmonious focus on a vision with a purpose.

Join us on Facebook and Twitter for the opportunities to collaborate and create our future together.


Will earns an income from the opportunities listed, in many manners, including referrals, proceeds from purchases and affiliate marketing.

Portions of the proceeds fund Kiva.org projects around world.

Portions of the proceeds fund local charities as well, namely WestHelpLine.com and NPCA.org

For more information and to get involved with anything offered here, text your name and your question to 206-880-3178

Thanks 🙏