Thankful for the rains

While some days I’ve been known to “take the reigns” toward my goals, today I am truly thankful the Mother Nature supplied the rains to clear our air here in Seattle. While we’re still wearing masks while out and about, for personal and public health reasons, we no longer need to hold our breath or squint while walking to the car/bus or however we choose to travel. Stay safe out there.


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Do you have an Etsy selling hemp swag? How about a hemp/canna T-shirt brand? Are you someone who creates things for others and does things while expecting nothing in return but love? That’s what we’re here for. And if we can learn how to earn a little, share a little, sponsor a little, and give a whole lot more, we will become the place everyone wants to sell and shop for their favorite brands. We’re taking the steps today to make this a reality. You’re invited!

Relaxing with TLC’s
full spectrum Hemp Extract Allieviate Cream

Virtual Running

Though you may not hear me as I flow through the air, breathing in, breathing out, I am grateful to be with you. Running is so refreshing. Clears the head and helps the vision come to focus. Running with a purpose is an incredible feeling!

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