As a perennial bowler since the days at Burholme, one 300 under my belt, but yet to throw a 700 series at 40. Humbling. Thankfully, learned from gentlemen in their 70s and older what the keys were to staying in the game. Happy to be back bowling again after nearly three years away from the game. Posted here is my progress this season. New team. New alley. New borrowed ball and New borrowed (rented) alley shoes. For now, anyway. Stay tuned.. that’s all about to change.


9- 9- 9- 9/ X X 6/ 9/ X 7/ X 172

9/ 7/ 6- X X 9- 8- 72 X 9/ 6 149

Two games bowled; 321 series


All games to this point bowled at Seneca Lanes on Thursdays