From the notes

Often times I spend some time meditating and writing down the thoughts which make sense or are somewhat agreeable with my purpose. Sometimes I find inspiration in thought, sometimes it makes me wonder further. This is a bit of the best there is… from the notebook:

How much wood could a woodpecker peck if the woodchucks would leave the wood unchucked?

Raisins from grapes wrinkle as they age, trees grow trees as they blow in the breeze. Birds nest and stow and fly, hop and soar. Everyone is strange until we say hello and that’s how we know we love more and more. It is what it is, and that’s how it goes. We share our smiles and say hello.

This is fun… throughout the day I hear music in my mind, and let my mind piece songs together, as if the band mates were all in one big concert hall… this is some of the best ever, if you can imagine how these songs fit together… “We Are The World” -Various Artists, Live Aid. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” -Billy Joel. “Bohemian Rhapsody” -Queen. We should see what it takes to collaborate on a project like this. That’d be a fun time together!

Baseball is a passion of mine. If you love it like me, here’s my story… perhaps the longest post you’ll read on the blog about me. Growing up in Philadelphia, PA learning the history of our nation and a lot of other firsts, in part inspired me to start this blog. First baseball team I rooted for was the Oakland Athletics. My maternal grandmom’s uncle Anthony, born in Philadelphia in the 1900s… the decade, not the century. For the record, though I knew of the Phillie Phanatic, the Athletics were the team I followed in the papers. Until I was about 7, when I started tracking all the teams. As I got older, learned more about the process involved with getting to the MLB. Now I admire those who spend 7-8 years developing themselves with a solid routine which prepares them for play on the big stage. The minor leagues are grueling. There are a lot of challenges and trepidation’s one must overcome to make it to Double-A ball. Those who make it to Triple-A must compete not just with others on their way up o the majors, but real major leaguers who have been demoted, are on rehab assignments, or are past their prime and playing for a new opportunity to start somewhere. When you can make it through that level of competition, the real test is only just beginning. The Major Leagues are no joke. The best players in the world available for the draft are selected in June. From the day their drafted to the day they take the MLB field for the first time, most have trade teams sometimes four or five times, before getting their chance. It is especially magical when a player who is drafted by a team, comes up through their system, and retires with the team. Mike Schmidt of the Phillies and Cal Ripken Jr. of the Orioles are two of the most memorable to do so. Currently, we have guys like Mike Trout and Alex Bergman who are most likely to retire with the team which drafted them. Some of the best players often play through their initial contract or one major league contract before being traded or signing elsewhere as a free agent. Bryce Harper and Albert Pujols are prime examples. Then there are the first round draft picks who are traded. Perhaps the biggest wonder in baseball, who trade your first round draft pick? Well, the Mariners are grateful the Mets did just that when they traded their first round pick Jared Kelenic, who could make his MLB debut this, albeit shortened, 2020 MLB season. There is plenty more to discuss in baseball, but that’s not the focus of this blog. This is just a little note to reflect upon sometime later.

Popsicles or ice cream? Some days I have a craving for ice cream. Some, it’s a popsicle. Funny how I don’t think about either much at all, until my body is like, “when was the last time we had…” Hahaa!

Peanut butter and strawberry or raspberry jam. A steady go-to for an easy lunch or a quick snack. What are some of your favorite quick made meals and easy (not processed) snacks?

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