GoFounders is what you’ve been seeking for less than the cost of your monthly phone bill you can get in the next phase of the internet as we know it. The paradigm shift is taking place and you can stake your claim with just a one-time payment of $97!

GoFounders is presently in pre-launch phase of our revolutionary game-changing platform, ONPASSIVE.

Join our GoFounders for just $97 today and learn more about what ONPASSIVE can do for your business. Even if you don’t have a business, this system can benefit you if you know someone who enjoys network marketing or digital marketing. We’re growing exponentially!


Four simple steps to financial security as well as the fun of being a beta tester of the greatest AI platform yet to be devised as we’re learning more about ONPASSIVE weekly.

Step ONE: Set aside $97 ($105 if paying by credit or debit card)

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Step THREE: Pay the $97 ($105 of paying by credit or debit card)




Our latest webinar 07/03/21


Now is the time to act, as this platform, when it launches, could cost upwards of $1599/mo! Uh-huh.. no joke! Just $97 gets you in as a GoFounder and another fee as described by Ash will be $25-$500 to receive and market the system 100% AI style! Ooooooooh Yeeeeeaaaa!

By getting in early and helping to market this system, you’ll be on the inside track to earn more than what will cover your costs within the system once its released. The more you share the system, the easier it will be for you to break even and begin turning a profit within our system.

You could however just pay the $97 and sit back and do nothing and likely turn a profit in a years time or less. More 500,000 other people worldwide have already become GoFounders.

Join now, there may never be a brighter unicorn to lead your way.

Ash Mufareh and Alan Cozens are the ones who invited me along in this journey and it is my honor to bring this opportunity your way. 

This is an opportunity for any business, any entrepreneur, any network or affiliate marketer. Any family, and hobbyist.. anyone! Worldwide!

ONPASSIVE is set to AI
and all this in one platform.

Why ONPASSIVE works for anyone, anywhere.


Limited time opportunity. $97!

GoFounders is a unique limited opportunity for those seeking simplified business solutions in one easy to setup and monitor 100% AI platform anyone can run from a smartphone.

Our first product of ONPASSIVE has a sweet preview now available. But you’ll only find the details as a GoFounder. Join us today!

O-Cademy is where anyone anywhere can educate others on anything at all. Any hobby, craft, skill, anything.

So much more to come as this system is truly remarkable and bound to pay the GoFounders.

Join our GoFounders for just $97 today and learn more about what ONPASSIVE can do for your business. We’re growing exponentially!

Results can vary in business. Any results shown/given here are for hypothetical example purposes only and may represent exceptional, not typical results. Your results could be different. All GoFounders will be beta-testers of our products with the opportunity to offer it to others. It should be assumed that this is a promotional offer and that income is potentially made from any purchase made for any product offered.