Together we can do anything.

As a peacemaker among many cultures, economic classes and beautiful creatures, happy to collaborate in a multitude of manners.

Music, Graphic Design, Photography and the lovely of Mother Nature drive my passion daily.

Puget Sound Sunset

Anytime of day is perfect for a walk along the shorelines of West Seattle. Sunsets are a personal favorite. Spending hours sitting on a bench watching the sun s…l…o…w…l…y… slip behind the great Olympic Mountain Range is purely majestic.

Mother Nature + Sunshine + Sprinkler
x Father Time = MAGIC!

Sometimes Mother Nature surprises us right before our eyes. Don’t forget to look up from your phone and breathe in the beauty for a little while.

Together, we have a lot to gain and share with our families, communities and the world. Afterall, that is the wonderment of the internet.