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iNPHAMiLiCommunity Wix Site a portion of all sales from our shirts, apparel and other products go to support West Seattle Help Line

Love to run? Wear it! Design your own run shirt for anything you want. Will can show you the way to earn and share on Spreadshirt or share more charitably with Bonfire!

Will’s Strava account links with CharityMiles, raising funds for Habitat for Humanity. Our run team enjoys virtual runs as well as groups runs. Virtual runs are incredible because anyone in the world can run together.

You’re encouraged to join us! With our pacesetters, we run at our own pace, encourage you to choose your own and help you accomplish your goals in terms of how often you run and whether you’re doing so for cardio, endurance or ultra.

We run with different designs on tshirts while we raise funds and awareness for fun, fitness and charitable organizations.