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iNPHAMiLiCommunity Wix Site a portion of all sales from our Spreadshop go to support The West Seattle Help Line


Our GR8 @FULHEMPNEST is open to anyone selling original artisan hemp products. We are also open to anyone curious about curating our cannabis and hemp news stories.

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Love to run? Wear it! Design your own run shirt for anything you want. Will can show you the way to earn and share on spreadshirt or share more charitably with Bonfire!

Join Will’s creative run team online anywhere we exist on the planet or online! We design, write, create, and run around our world daily!

Will’s Strava account links with CharityMiles, raising funds for Habitat for Humanity. You’re encouraged to join us! We run with different designs on tshirts while we raise funds and awareness for fun and fitness. More coming… for now enjoy the benefits of a happy, healthy lifestyle. Learn more about Total Life Changes and their health, fitness and wellness community!

WILL’s Total Life Changes Team Now Offering a BROAD-SPECTRUM CBD version of IASO Instant Tea! Complete our survey to be find out how you may already be eligible to receive a free sample sent your way today!

COLLECT 50% COMMISSION from your link when you sign up as a preferred customer with a minimum monthly order of $135 on autoship to recieve 50% RETURN ON ALL SALES through your channel.

My Runners Package: $153/mo

Includes one tablespoon of Nutriburst every morning. SlimPaste toothpaste once in the morning and once before bed. Flossing and lightly brushing with water in between. Alleviate- a muscle relaxing CBD Based Cream or Harmony- oral drops under the tongue for a soothing tranquil experience. CBD Essential Soap in Lavender Scent is a delight to the senses and relaxing for your muscles and your mind. Choose any of the four soaps you wish.

That’s nearly $280/mo. in products and services and you’re paying just $76.50/mo and recieving all the tips, tricks and templates to build your own store and customer base. TLC offers weekly group sessions, radio broadcasts, Live FB Chats, and ways to help your friends, family and community earn more and feel good doing it, no matter where you are! Already serving over 20 nations your scope is on a global scale.

LEARN TO BUILD YOUR OWN TEAM AND SCALE UP TO OUR SIX WAYS TO EARN EVEN MORE THROUGH TOTAL LIFE CHANGES! Together we build stronger, healthier communities with support, 😌 love ❤️ and gratitude 🙏 everywhere!

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